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Emily Grace
Photography for me is a journey of exploration and discovery using the visual gifts and talents God has given me.

I once saw an image of photographer James Fee. He was standing on the side of the road, a two lane highway somewhere in rural America with camera in hand. He was dressed in soft comfortable clothing and using a walker to steady himself. He was dying of cancer.

Why in the world would a man in his condition be wandering around making photographs? I think the answer is a simple one. Photography for James Fee was his life, not a hobby, not just a way to earn a living, but something he had to do, something he was driven to do.

My photographs are a journal of what I see, where I go and what I experience, a personal journey and a passion that won't end until my time here has passed. I will always have that image of James Fee in my mind and ever so often I question why I spend the resources and the time that's required to pursue a photographic life, then I recall that image and I remember why.